Top 5 Best Online Piano Lessons In 2023 | Top Rated Websites

The word “PIANO” might be familiar to many of us. This captivating music instrument has paved its way through in recent years.

The Piano is a large structured musical instrument keyboard enclosed with a wooden case containing metal strings and several keys that produce blissful tunes when press.

Also, the Piano contains several keys and strings which produce a different characterized tune, sound, and lyrics, etc. It is a great source of pleasure and entertainment for listeners and music lovers.

In this post, we have featured ✅ Top 5 Best Online Piano Lessons updated for 2023 that helps you to learn effortlessly.

The Piano skill can be learned by several apps and online classes, which would be described in this article. Piano keyboards are manufactured from several love brands, and this instrument is a luxurious and premium music tool and is reasonably expensive.


  • A great source of entertainment and pleasure for music lovers.
  • According to studies, it reverses the decline of ear hearing loss and brain processing. 
  • Listening to music improves brain ability, thus proliferating creativity and imagination. 
  • The rapid pace of pressing 82 keys and string proves helpful in increasing hand-eye coordination and strengthen hand muscles.  
  • Provides a unique form and composer of music tunes. 
  • Learning piano can enhance your vocabulary and learning skills to an extent, and studies have also shown the stimulation of growth hormone. 

The following list recommends the best Piano learning websites, software, and google play apps. Different methods provide you with unique and versatile features.

✅Best Online Piano Lessons 2023 | Our Top 5 Picks

Best Online Piano Lessons
WebsitesSkill LevelPricingOfficial Links
FlowkeyBeginner to Advanced$9.99 / MonthVisit Now
SkooveBeginner to Advanced$22.42 / MonthVisit Now
Playground SessionsBeginner to Advanced$9.99 / MonthVisit Now
ArtistworksBeginner to Advanced$23.25 / MonthVisit Now
Piano MarvelBeginner to Intermediate$12.99/ MonthVisit Now


When it comes to best in this business, Flowkey online classes are the best source for newcomers and less experienced users to learn Piano skills.


It gives you a free option at the start, thus creating trust and compatibility between consumers and the company. Flowkey has easy installation with easy and quick settings creating ease and comfort for newcomers.

It has an affordable price of 19$ for the month and 120$ for a full-year subscription, which intrigues thousands of leaners to this online app for attaining Piano skills. 

Also, it has a wider coverage granting satisfaction to its subscribers and gives you a wide option for system connections such as Android, PC, and Mac.

You can get started in minutes with no need for cables or any intro setup making it quick and fast program. Most importantly, flowkey uses your gadget microphone for tracking different notes in case of a Midi keyboard deficiency of user.

This is impeccable and helpful for the subscriber. This program provides you full course with a wide range of array features, including 1000+ songs for the different music lovers.

In case of payment, it gives you multiple payment methods and also provides an essential, standard, and advanced classification of music.

The program tracks your progress and overall performance even in the acoustic keyboard. When it comes to features, the flowkey it attained with slow, pause, and speed features during music play for an understanding of the user—full list of famous songs with 30 days of the free trial can make you use this online program.


Another Piano learning app is Skoove, which is all in one multifunctional and impressive app, which is conducive to learning 1000 songs Piano composure.

It has a Midi board compatibility, which makes it worth using the program with multiple arrays of features. It is affordable with 20$ fee per month, 40$ fee per three months, and 120$ yearly subscription.

Most importantly, the app gives you 30 days of free trial for trust and compatibility issues. 

Also, the app has easy installation with a smooth working procedure creating ease and comfort for subscribers. It tracks your microphone for giving you a virtual keyboard for clients having a deficiency of the Midi keyboard.

The app has a wider connection system, which includes Android gadgets, Mac, laptop and PC, etc. Skoove embodies easy learning with numerable categorized music and songs selected for users of music lovers.

Skoove is an interactive platform for piano learning with the option of the overall performance of user which let you know your capability. This app has a full compact course ranging from users of essential to advanced level.

The app itself rates your performance by advanced features, which is bewitching for the subscribers as this makes a trust and connection web between both sides. 

Playground Sessions

The Playground Session is one of the great tools and software for newcomers and advanced level users for learning impeccable skills of Piano music.

Playground Sessions

For newcomers, it provides you with awesome videos made by advanced level teachers and conducive for understanding music theory and logistics.

The award-winning constructors are helpful for learning, and this app is too quick and fast with easy installation and setup. The super convenient app with an array of attributes and blissful qualities attracts a huge number of members each year.

It includes slow, pause, and speed-handling features, which helps the students better observe and know the software. 

In addition, the unique thing is lifetime and unlimited membership, which saves a huge amount of money.

The app is affordable with 18$ for a month, 120$ for the yearly membership, and most importantly, the lifetime and unlimited subscription costs only 290$, which is captivating and drags many piano lovers to this amazing program.

It has multiple payment procedures like PC, laptop, Mac, and Android, etc. Unluckily, it does not have the Midi keyboard, which is the only flaw present in the software.

Playground session provides you with wide coverage and a library of music tracks, including pop, etc. The modern and easy setup makes you connected with this app for a longer interval of time, like all other apps, this software gives an overall performance with the percentage of correct and wrong notes.

The win points help you to unlock several new courses. All these arrays of features make this Playground session as one the best option for Piano learn apps.


The ArtistWork is a reputable platform for different musical learning instruments, including Piano too. It provides the subscriber with a full and compact course, which is categorized in multiple stages from basic to advanced level.


The courses are also divided into classical Piano, Jazz, piano, and popular piano, depending on the user’s level and interest.

It provides you personalized feedback, including the overall performance structure with percentages of right and wrong notes. This helps to know the capability and level of skill of the consumer. 

Moreover, the software and program Artist work are reasonably expensive, and the cost protocol is 105$ per month, 180$ per six months, and 280$ fee for a yearly subscription.

Most importantly, the app has the widest system connection devices as the system should only include a camera and audio recording feature.

This means that the app is all in one multifunctional and impressive is made for all gadgets users with wide coverage and full guaranteed satisfaction. It also provides you videos of expert piano teachers, which can be conducive for newcomers and intermediate level learners.

The artist’s work software allows the option of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which connect to multiple features. The tiles allow you to manage the tempo and composure of songs characterized in the wide course. 

Piano Marvel

The Piano Marvel is another App that provides the service of learning musical instruments like experts, including the Piano keyboard too. It has a wide range of features at low fees, which is captivating for App users.

Piano Marvel

The Piano Marvel has all in one multifunctional quality, including easy installation with no long-term contracts and smooth working and procedure.

Moreover, the App is facilitated by a long list of music and tunes with different categorized keyboards ranging from essential to advanced. Most importantly, the lessons are conducted under expert supervision, which ensures satisfaction.

The lesson can be paused, slowed down, and broken into small manageable chunks, thus making it conducive for subscribers with these unique and blissful qualities. 

It also gives the service of videos from expert and skilled teachers, which helps understand tempo and strings. The Piano Marvel is known for an affordable and convenient price, which ranges 16$ for monthly subscription and 110$ for yearly consumption.

Due to the low budget, it deals with some flaws like deficiency live chat or face to face lesson and management support. Like all others, it also has a wide range of system connections, including Mac, Laptop, PC and Android, etc.

This service enlarges users with different gadgets. The library of songs includes all the genres, such as Classic piano, Jazz piano, and pop tunes, which makes this app more wide.

Adding to this, it also gives you 30 days free trial, which helps you to get an idea of the app. The piano marvel has a Midi keyboard, which mentions your overall performance and percentage of your notes and music.

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🌟 Online Piano Lessons FAQ

Can the piano be self-taught?

The direct answer to this question is yes. It is an excellent way if you learn piano from an instructor. As we all know, the piano is a versatile instrument, and if you discover it, then it will serve you well in your life.

What equipment do I need for online lessons?

The following are the essential setups that you need to do for online lessons.
1 Piano/Keyboard
2 Laptop or Tablet with a camera/webcam
3 Skype (requires Internet)

How many hours a day should I practice piano?

If you want serious progress, then it is always recommended to practice at least two hours a day.

Which books do I need to start lessons?

You can start with a primer book and then gradually move to the RCM series. You will quickly get an RCM book on Amazon.

Conclusion: Best Online Piano Lessons Updated 2023 | Should you join?

Piano has made its name and paved through in recent years. It has a great impact as it produces entertainment and has health advantages too.

However, this question might be in your mind about choosing the best online lesson for piano??

In recent times, the playground session and flowkey have been rated as top ones, but the main features also include budget, features, and many others.😊

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