8 Best Security Camera Software for 2023 (Our Top Picks)

Finding out the best security camera software is arduous because companies have many claims that are sometimes not up to the mark. It is important to use a security camera to connect the CCTV with your smartphone or computer.

If you are in search of the best security camera software and are looking out for a detailed review of each, we have made your work easier!

In this article, we have listed the ✅8 Best Security Camera Software according to its features, pros, and cons, along with our best choice for yourself.

✅8 Best Security Camera Software

Best Security Camera Software
Best Security Camera SoftwareActivated Deal
#1. iSpyTry it now
#2. NetcamTry it now
#3. EyelineTry it now
#4. Security EyeTry it now
#5. ZoneMinderTry it now
#6. ContaCamTry it now
#7. XeomaTry it now
#8. iVideonTry it now


iSpy is at the top of our best camera software list because of many reasons, and the major of all is its functioning. You can get the best of security for free with this software. Look at the current view by connecting your camera quickly.


iSpy allows the user to define specific areas of the images and look after the movements. You can even add threshold value to the amount of motion, and all these features are available in the paid version and not the free ones.

Connecting the microphone is also significantly more accessible. Last but not least, you can also minimize the iSpy window to do other work.


The cost of iSpy security camera software is $7.95 to $49.95 for a month.


Netcam is our second choice of the best security camera because it not only provides a free version of it, but the features are quite fantastic.


If you want to get the most out of this software camera, then we will suggest you buy their license. You can use the software for an extended period once you buy any of their licenses.

They update the software for about two years after the purchase. Hence you can easily use it, and if you want an upgrade, then purchase it from their site.

However, we suggest you not to upgrade, as you won’t need any until you buy new camera hardware for yourself.


The pricing of the Netcam studio is around $49.


If you are looking for a security camera software that can match your office needs, then our only suggestion for you is Eyeline.


You can easily protect your office from theft or any misleading activities by this software, as it is highly accessible across different android and iOS versions.

The best part of this program is you can manage more than ten camera feeds at a go. You can record video based on the detected motion.


The cost of Eyeline security camera is around $49.99 to $295.99.

Security Eye

Yet another best camera software which comes in our top 5 list is the Security Eye; because of its competing features, and obviously the access to the free version. It’s a professional software one can use to capture high-quality images.

Security Eye

It’s astonishing how the company is allowing users access to all the fantastic features in the free version because the service and quality are too good to be true.

Previously, the company gave a free version, with two hours of free surveillance, but now they have removed the payment system as well.


The pricing of security eye camera software is around $29.95.


If you are looking for the best security camera and that too for free, then ZoneMinder is our hot pick for you. The application is highly scalable, and APIs allow third-party integration as well.


We assure you that ZoneMinder is the best state of the art video surveillance system for your home, industrial, and commercial security.

You can monitor it all easily from any corner. Also, you can use any camera brand, be it large or small.


ZoneMinder security camera is free of cost and can be used for many businesses.


ContaCam is yet another best camera software for several reasons, and the biggest of all is the features. There is no such free version available for users, but the feature and the quality does the justice to the demand.


But you can make a donation to use their “so-called free feature,” and we are against it. If you are ready to donate, then please go for the paid one itself.


The pricing of ContaCam camera software is around $10.


If you are looking for a free camera software, then we will never recommend you Xeoma, because you will get benefits from the paid version only.


The fact that the features are locked to the free version users is definitely the quality the software provides.

If you are using xeoma for the first time, you may not be able to understand the interface as it is a bit tricky. You will get lots of perks like system health monitoring, SMS texts, frequent updates, and a bunch more.


The pricing of xeoma camera software is around $53.95.


Are you looking out for some amazing camera software with bundles of features just for free? iVideon is our pick, and there are several reasons behind it.

You will have no complaints with the working, as it has a smart notification feature and is readily available for Mac OS X and Linux.


The pricing of iVideon camera software is different according to the rate plan you choose.

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How to pick the Best Security Camera for your office or home?

While choosing any software, see to it that it works effortlessly with your camera. For this, you can check the official website and know more about the compatibility.

It’s very important to know about your device and the software you are choosing to get the best results. Next, if you are using Windows 7, then get windows security camera software.

We highly recommend you to go for the free version before buying any package to know the compatibility at its best.

The competition and the comparison of all the above camera software are tricky because the features are almost the same. You can choose a good security camera by looking at features and matching them with your requirements.

Installing a security camera software is a bit difficult, but you can do it quickly with the help of professionals or by contact. Yet, you can take the complication, as it is worth your time. Do let us know has this review helped you to find your requirements?

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🌟 Security Camera Software FAQ

🤔What is an IP camera?

It is a digital video camera that is used to receive control data and send image data through an IP network. IP camera is generally used for surveillance.

🙄What is the security camera software used for?

There are many business people who use security camera software to connect their cameras to their smartphones or PC. Nowadays, buying camera software is quite cheaper and affordable compared to dedicated recording hardware.

🧐Is security camera software easy to use?

Yes, there is various security camera software available in the market, which is very easy to use. Camera software might seem a bit difficult at the start, but you will easily learn how to use them.

🔎What is the best free security camera software?

If you are looking to purchase free security camera software, then check the list mentioned above that you can try for free.

Conclusion: Best Security Camera Software | Should you buy?

It is very difficult to purchase the best security camera software. There is various security camera software available that offer premium grade features for free.

So buying new security camera software is totally depends upon what kind of camera you have and what kind of setup you are going to run?

It is always important to make sure that you try a few before you purchase any security camera software.😊

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