Cricket Wireless Review 2023: Save $$$$ On Cell Phone Bill

What is meant by Cricket Wireless?? This question intrigues many people, as many of them are not familiar with it.

Therefore, Cricket Wireless is an American multinational and developed a smartphone company that works to provide wireless service to millions of utilizers.

In this post, we have featured ✅Cricket Wireless Review 2023 that includes detailed insights about its features, pricing, benefits, etc.

So let’s check out!

About Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless Review

It is named as Mobile Virtual Network Operator [MVNO] which runs with the facilitation of AT&T services to provide an affordable way of unlimited text, data, and calls in smartphones.

This Cricket Wireless is impeccable in-service maintenance and overall performance by granting wide coverage and reliable stability. This wireless telecommunication industry proves beneficial and conducive in every sort of clients satisfaction.

Cricket Wireless is dominated in the United States of America with 5000+ retailer stores in 50 states of the Country. This industry provides wireless smartphones with wireless communication services.

Also, the Cricket Wireless is conducive for AT&T service smartphones having 3G, 4G and 4G LTE networks or connections.

This telecommunication industry has shown impeccable growth in recent years by providing wide coverage and unlimited text packages which captivates millions of subscribers in the American states.

The best Cricket wireless are iPhone 11, and 11 PRO Max, Samsung Galaxy S10, Nokia 3.1 plus and many other smartphones loved brands which are provided with this Cricket wireless service.

Phone Selection

Selection of smartphone or any device is a massive job for allotment of Cricket wireless. The phone is eligible that can support the strength of AT&T service and LTE network and have technology capable of connecting to 4G DATA towers. The flagship mobiles are impressive and compatible for Cricket wireless.

Cricket wireless Coupon

The following list shows the models and brands of smartphone eligible for connecting cricket wireless service.

  • IPHONE 11 and 11 PRO MAX
  • Samsung galaxy S10
  • Cricket icon smartphone.
  • LG fortune 2
  • Samsung galaxy J2 pure
  • Nokia 3.1 C

This just a short but most used smartphone list eligible for connecting Cricket wireless data services. Each phone requires a different package which is compatible with its features.

The best ones are recent IPHONE brand models. Most importantly, others phone can also be converted to cricket wireless in 9.9$ upfront if the respected device allows with its eligibility and compatibility.

Cricket Wireless Perks

The Cricket wireless is a telecommunication industry which provides every possible incentive for its subscribers. The company not only provide enough payment methods and structures but also saves a couple of bucks by using the auto-pay method.

If your deal and package is worth of 50$, then you can save 5$ from the package by auto pay procedure.

Also, in case of any technical or connection issues, you can chat with the servicer of cricket wireless in chat portion, and also you are provided with free call package for help from the caller.

This company has a whopping number of retail stores which are calculated as 5000, so you can also have face to face meet up in case of problems or issues.

Moreover, for WWE shows and music concerts, you can get a slight discount which shows that cricket wireless knows about client satisfaction.

Performance Speed & Coverage

When it comes to overall performance then Cricket Wireless company is of the top ranked in United States of America. The package of free and unlimited text and message makes it with proliferated rating with high grades.

The Cricket Wireless is interlinked with AT&T Services which covers approximately 99% of whole American connection and data network making it dominative and best of all.

Due to its unique and blissful features, the company is formidably the best option when it comes to Americans. Several packages provide you with 3 Mbps, 6Mbps and maximum of 8Mbps speed at 4G LTE network and data connection.

The unlimited package give you unlimited speed which makes it worth using in respect of speed performance.

Verdict of Users

When it comes to performance and rating of any company, the verdict of users and subscribers is the most important task and aspect. About 95% of customers were happy and delightful of their choice of using Cricket Wireless as telecommunication network data.

There were some unhappy clients, but with the help of cricket contact service, these issues and problems were seen, observed and tried their best to solve the problem.

The following data and information were the main sector of Cricket wireless which ranged from working and procedure to its customer verdict and overall performances.

Pricing Plans

The Cricket Wireless service is famously known for providing its subscribers with multiple plans and pricing with multifunctional data carriers.

Cricket Wireless

By applying on auto-pay, the consumer saves a couple of bugs and proves beneficial in monthly bills and payments. With slowing down the speed, you can get more inexpensive plans which are captivating for the user, thus adding more to its beauty.

Moreover, the plans are characterized by different network speed and unlimited package offer depending on your price and standard of plans.

The first package is known as Cricket Wireless 2GB high-speed data which provides different blissful packages for the user at low price and plans.

The package provides unlimited minutes and data for texting with 2GB data for high speed of 8MBps, which clearly attracts the users for subscribing this package.

It has a low price of 30$ per month with 9.9$ upfront, and most importantly, this price shown includes taxes and fees paid already. Moreover, it provides you with temporary 10GB data with the inclusion of hotspot feature for some instant.

The second package is named as Cricket wireless 5GB high-speed data with add up more unique features for attracting its clients. The package is the same ad 2GB package but with more data and speed.

The 5GB package gives you 5GB network data with unlimited text and minutes for long calls on smartphones and other selected devices. The data speed is capped at 8 to 10 Mbps at an affordable price of 40$ with 9.9$ upfront, excluding the taxes and paid fees.

The data can be increased by paying more 5$ for users. This package also receives hotspot feature for temporary intervals.

The third package is named as unlimited aka Core Cricket which is impeccable in providing service to the users. Most importantly, it provides unlimited speed capped at 3Mbps so as a result, the speed wants to dwindle after allotment paid by the client.

It also provides unlimited free texting and minutes for everyone calls you made at a whopping price of 55$ with upfront of 9.9$. The price is reasonably high, but the unlimited speed is too worth giving.

No billing surprises or credit check with no long term contracts required between Cricket wireless and subscriber. You get temporarily 10GB of the mobile hotspot which includes Mexican and Canadian usage which proves conducive.

The last and fourth package is named Unlimited + Mobile hotspot features which makes it blissful and unique from all other package characterized by Cricket Wireless.

The video is streamed at 480p quality and provides you with the unlimited speed of 4G LTE, which makes it quick and conducive. This package gives you unlimited text and messages at a reasonably but worth price of 60$ with an upfront of 9.9$.

It gives 15GB mobile hotspot with 10GB temporary data with Mexican and Canadian usage. This package allows you to text to 37 different countries.

Pros & Cons


  • The service is affordable with unlimited plans and broad coverage.
  • No long term contracts, thus proving conducive. 
  • The overall flat rate payment includes all the tax and fee structure.
  • Ease in transferring the existing phone and numbers.
  • Cricket Wireless has no extra charges with the effortless installation procedure and a quickly built-in working connection.
  • No billing surprises and no credit checks ensure great trust on the client, thus proving it is bewitching for new users.
  • Cricket Wireless provides great packages in an interval of time and is quick in handling and management issues. 


  • At some instants, the unlimited data packages limit the speed to 3 Mbps with video quality limited to a greater extent. 
  • The exclusion of hotspot and data speed caps has dwindled it popularity among Cricket wireless subscribers. 
  • The service works at limited selected phone loved brands and companies.
  • The slow, steady speed creates an impact on audio and visual effects during the usage of the phone. 
  • This telecommunication service is limited to some countries and data networks on selected gadgets, thus proving conducive for some users.
  • Cricket Wireless speed is minimized once the data allotment has been provided and its speed is much slower as compared to major carriers. 

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🌟 Cricket Wireless FAQ

✅ Is Cricket Wireless the same as AT&T?

As we all know, Cricket Wireless is a smartphone service that provides wireless service to its subscribers. At the same time, Cricket Wireless offers the same kind of services, towers, and everything to the users as that of A&T.

✅ What network does Cricket use?

Cricket Wireless runs a CDMA network while AT&T runs a GSM network.

✅ Which is better, Cricket Wireless Vs Verizon?

Verizon is number one, as its coverage is 70% of the country. On the other hand, its plans are a little expensive as compared to Cricket Wireless. At the same time, Cricket Wireless uses AT&T’s network, which is best in the nation. But, people usually go for Cricket Wireless as it offers more perks to the users when it comes to the money.

✅ Can I make international with Cricket Wireless?

Cricket Wireless provides two international plans that allow you to make international text. You can even make calls to Mexico and Canada if you do not purchase an international plan.

Conclusion: Cricket Wireless Review Updated 2023

Cricket Wireless has dominated as a connection network after linked with AT&A service, which supported the mobile network operator of the company.

In the World of development, data services like cricket wireless are essential for linking the World together and especially in times of emergencies.

This company has some flaws too, which are under construction. More companies like Cricket wireless would be conducive for users and give more incentives to subscribers.

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