List Of Top 4 Best General Tire Review 2023 | Our Top Picks

To start with, what is meant by General Tires, and why are the biggest tire brand??

Therefore, General Tire is an American loved brand for the manufacturing of rubber tires for motor vehicles. It is named General tire & Rubber Company, whose headquarter is located in the United States of America.

In recent years, due to the development and proliferation in traveling, the general tires have paved through with tremendous success.

The General tires provide you with an array of features and versatile qualities. The ring shape structure surrounds a motor vehicle’s rim with a large tube allocated inside the tire.

Most importantly, the General tires are durable and can travel up to 50000 miles in 2-3 years, with only a change of tubes and air refilling. The tire is manufactured from a loved and catered brand, which passes through various testing and protocols for the consumer’s safety.

In this post, we have featured ✅ Best General Tire Review updated for 2023 along with their feature, pricing, benefits, etc.

The following list shows you the functions and advantages of a general tire in a motor vehicle. These functions make it worth using and are captivating for millions of users each year.


  • Tire facilitates the vehicle load by transmitting traction and braking force to the road.
  • The general tire has impressive durability for thousands of miles. 
  • They are manufactured by different terrain, including rainy and mountainous.                         
  • Tire cost is affordable with a variety of sizes and budgets for desired clients. 
  • Top-notch designs are manufactured concerning suspension and balancing. 
  • The general tire is blissful in absorbing road shocks and changing direction. 

Modification & Features

General Tire Review

The General tire is manufactured with respect to certain qualities and specifications. The tire is present in different budget, size, and overall body performance.

Every tire has 45 days road test, which includes the suspension, brakes and transmitting traction, etc. The general tire warranty covers 19 series with three characterized durability depending on the luxury of the tire.

The best tread life warranty includes 75000 miles, and the intermediate tread life tire includes 56000 miles, which is the average of a General tire. The General tire is passed through a series of verifications, including safety, secure handling, and ergonomics.

They have more aggressive terrain tires ranked for different and hard landscapes with a 5-row tread pattern. The types of General tire include General Altimax RT43 Radial tire, General Grabber UHP Radial tire, and General G-Max AS-03 and AS-05, etc.

The model is also allocated based on an array of features, amenities, color, budget, vehicle type and performance package, etc. The tire is also designed on StabiliTread Technology, which allows the user a large footprint and mileage.

The following list shows the best General tire with their modification and all in one built-in multifunctional characteristics that captivate millions of users globally.

✅Top 4 Best General Tire Updated 2023 | Our Top Picks

Best General TireRatingDetails
The AltiMAX RT43 Series5/5Check Price on Amazon
The Grabber HD Series5/5Check Price on Amazon
Grabber AT2 Radial4.9/5Check Price on Amazon
AltiMAX Arctic Series5/5Check Price on Amazon

The AltiMAX RT43 Series

The Altimax RT43 series is well known for its top notch overall performance and blissful features. The weight of General Altimax is 23 pounds with a dimension of 26.7 x 26.7 x 9 inches making it unique and versatile.

The AltiMAX RT43 Series

The section width is 9 inches and rim diameter is 18 inches with manufacturing part number of 15497980000. The UTQG is 700-A-A with speed rated as V grade making it fast and quick on different road surfaces. 

In addition, the radial construction with load index number of 100 makes it attractive for the users with strong shock absorbing features.

Moreover, the model is recommended as all seasonal tire providing you the feature of visual alignment indicators and sound suppression technology which dwindles down the noise and slipping of tire.

The twin cushion silica compound makes it unique from other general tires resulting in large number of desired clients each year. Altimax is exceptional brand with interactive facility of whole year running times even in muddy, rainy and mountainous terrains.

Adding more to it, the tight handling and sharp suspension brakes makes it safer and secure. The tire is manufactured from luxurious and premium brands with low but reasonable budget.

The contoured design supports the tire to stick tightly to the surface for impressive and comfortable ride for the biker. Moreover, the tire is durable with long lasting warrantee of 75000 miles ensuring long term use of tire.

This feature is captivating and versatile for the buyers including wet and dry traction. This brand tires are present in multiple sizes ranging from 13 to 18 inches providing wide choosing facility to the clients.

The steering is crisp and responsive with blissful stability in wet and dry transmitting tractions which is really conducive and impeccable.

The Grabber HD Series

When it comes to best in this business, the Grabber HD series is also ranked in top position with best ratings and qualities. They are designed for different vehicle type and sizes such as loading trucks, SUVs and cargo vans for smooth and well-mannered drive in all traction.

The Grabber HD Series

Moreover, the Grabber hd is symmetrical and round shaped and rigid shoulders for stable and good handling of vehicle on difficult terrains like rainy, muddy and mountainous etc.

The blissful feature of circumferential grooves separates the water from coming into the contact which is conducive for increasing the hydroplaning resistance.

The tire is shock absorber with noise diffuser which makes it unique in characteristics and attributes. It is of affordable cost with multiple desired qualities ensuring it worth using and versatile.  

In addition, the tire is manufactured from loved brands which passes the tire through 45 days road period verification ensuring safety of consumer.

The Duragen technology provide rebust compound for maintaining and ensuring flexibility in cool temperature and unwanted circumstances.

The wide and large foot print dwindle the stress on tread which results in long lasting span of tread. When it comes to durability, this tire provides long warrantee of up to 50000 miles. This feature is captivating for millions of users per annum.


It provide impressive wet and dry traction with ease and comfortable ride experience. The tire sizes are allocated in 15, 16 and 17 inches and specific diameter of vehicle rim adding more to the beauty of this model.

The braking and strong suspension makes it to stick tightly on the road surface with absorbing road shocks.      

The feature of sidewall curb guard provide support and protection against abrasions and curbs on the road surface. This list of attributes are conducive for buyers in driving or riding.

The model is recommended as all seasonal tire providing you the feature of visual alignment indicators which decreases the chances of slipping and accidents.

Grabber AT2 Radial

This is one of another model of the Grabber tire brand named as The Grabber AT2 Radial. The model is specialized in the long run with great durability in all transmitting tractions.

Grabber AT2 Radial

It is recommended for all-terrain, including some problematic landscapes and circumstances. Furthermore, the 5-row tread pattern supports highly engineered and structured acoustics.

The specification includes the weight of 42 pounds and great sizes of 265/70R16112S, ranging from 15 to 16 inches and rim diameter. The aggressive tread pattern enhances the off-road compatibility and all in one traction.

This all in one built-in multifunctional model has an array of features and versatile setting system. The tire is passed through 45 days period test and verification for safety and well quality of users.

It is durable with an extended-lasting warranty of 60000 miles ensuring the long life span of tires. The Duragen technology is conducive for flexibility and maintenance in the winter season by evacuating water from coming into contact.

AltiMAX Arctic Series

The Altimax Arctic series is well developed, and aggressive built-in traction for greater and smooth run-up and traveling.

AltiMAX Arctic Series

This model specification includes weight of 28 pounds with a dimension of 26.7 x 26.7 x 9 inches, making it captivating for thousands of buyers each year.

It is recommended for an all-terrain and seasonal drive with dry and wet traction, including shock absorber and sound diffuser. This array of features makes it versatile with aggressive built-in winter sipes that dwindle squirm and block the unwanted deformation for conducive stability and grip of tires.

The tire goes through 45 days period test and verification procedure before reaching into the market.

The tire is durable with 72 months of long-lasting warranty, ensuring trust and belief in the buyer. The snow traction ridges provide impressive support in acceleration and braking during snowy circumstances.

The Altimax is designed by loved brands at a low but reasonable cost and is used for UVCs, wagons, and load trucks depending on the rim diameter and size of tire.

The center stability rib and 270 degrees of large density enhance traction transmitting and support to loading vehicles. The rigid shoulder structure of the tire proliferates the tight grip and balancing in the tire.

Other General Tire To Buy in 2023 | HURRY!

🌟 Best General Tire FAQ

What causes tires to shred?

If you put too much pressure on the tire, then it causes shred. During the summer, pressure rises 3–4 psi with the heat of the sun or while driving.

What causes tires to turn brown?

There is one process called blooming, which is the real cause of why your tires turn to brown. The blooming occurs because of an element added to the rubber.

Can new tires be defective?

As we all know, the tire gets degrade over a certain period of time. On the other hand, a new tire can also be defective if you keep it on a shelf or in a warehouse for a long time.

How long should tires last?

The direct answer to this question is how carefully you drive it. Generally, a normal tire can last for 60,000 to 75,000 miles or 4 to 5 years. At the same time, one needs to give proper attention to the other key factors that may affect a tire’s lifespan.

Conclusion: Best General Tire Review 2023 | Should you buy?

Tire production and varieties have shown a great market due to an increase in traveling and technology in the World.

However, the question as to which features are to be looked before buying tires?? So the overall body transformation, the rigid structure, long durability, size, and array of features are really important in the tire.

Many tire brands have been started to enhance their business in this competitive World and provide an incentive to the users.

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