Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai Review 2023: Is It Worth Buying?

I remain a cherished memory for Hori real arcade pro 4 kai. My absolute first fight stick was a Hori EX2 Fighting Stick, which I used to play Street Fighter 4.

It was little, modest, and appalling, yet it carried out the responsibility. Later I moved up to a Madcatz TE fight stick, which was a significant advance up.

Well, In this post, we have shared ✅Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai Review updated for 2023.

I was eager to audit the Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai (Amazon). This is Hori’s premium mid-run fight stick, and it unquestionably appears.

So how can it hold facing other mid-extend sticks? Is it as premium as Hori claims?

Unpacking and set up of Hori Pro

Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai Review

Remembered for the crate, you get the real arcade pro and manual.

As far as setting this Hori real arcade pro up. You should simply set the switch, which is situated as an afterthought, to the ideal position.

Contingent upon what stage you’re playing on, this will be PS3, PS4, or PC. At that point, associate the USB link to the comfort and presto, you’re good to go up.

Testing this on different stages, the stick appeared to function admirably, and I had no issues. On PC, I associated it on Windows, and it began downloading all the essential drivers. I was then ready to utilize it straight away.

The plan and feel of the Fightstick

The Hori Pro 4 Kai is an average size, albeit somewhat littler than the Madcatz TE2 rap4 fight stick. It gauges approximately 17 crawls across, which makes it look extensive. I like it, and it helps to remember an old arcade-style machine.

As a result of its enormous structure factor, the catches and joystick of this Hori Pro 4 Kai don’t take up the full size of the stick. This implies the surface territory of the rod is more significant than other, less expensive fight sticks.

I likewise like that the stick’s sides are more significant than the base creation; it looks just as there are handles as an afterthought.

By and large, I genuinely like the structure of this stick – the work of art presumably less in this way, however that is down to individual inclination. I love my fight sticks with somewhat more shading.

What’s maybe somewhat irritating at that point, is the way that you can’t trade out the work of art. Apologies, I should state that you can. However, it includes including a Plexi mode, which over muddles things apiece.

The Hori Pro 4 Kai isn’t light, yet it isn’t substantial. It may weigh around 5 pounds.

What does it feel like to Play?

The catch design of this Hori Real Arcade Pro V4 is the standard eight catch view lix arcade format, so no curve balls there. The choices button is set just to one side of the first playing catches.

I saw this arrangement as somewhat odd as it’s entirely conceivable to hit the alternatives button unintentionally when playing. Luckily, it tends to be turned on or off, so it’s only a minor inconvenience.

There’s a touchpad of this Hori Real Arcade Pro V4 that is fundamentally the PS4 touchpad, which I don’t utilize, yet it’s there if you need it. Likewise, there’s a turbo switch, an allot mode to re-relegate or impair individual caches (L1, L2, or Options Button) and a switch for playing on PS3 or PS4.

There’s no earphone jack; however, I don’t generally will in general talk online when I’m playing at any rate, so not a severe deal for me.

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Pros & Cons


  • Helpful relegate mode
  • Strong premium plan
  • Joystick and Buttons are responsive
  • Top-notch parts
  • Durable base and very wide
  • A less expensive option in contrast to the Madcatz TE and Razer lines


  • No earphone jack
  • Catches can get somewhat noisy
  • Hard to trade out craftsmanship

Conclusion: Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai Review Updated 2023

The Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai is an extraordinary fight stick based on a strong base and has quality parts. 

While there are better fight sticks out there, they will, in general, be much increasingly costly. Other than you get a ton of fight stick for the cash.

In case you’re in the market for an incredible fight stick that doesn’t cost a fortune, at that point, it’s hard not to suggest the RAP4. You won’t be baffled.😊

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