Best 6 Mermaid Bath Doll For Your Kids Review [Updated 2023]

Everyone adores swimming mermaids’ toys, yet I saw there isn’t a very remarkable choice of swimming mermaid dolls for the shower.

When I initially composed this page, I thought it was hard to track down six mermaid dolls that swim that would be both fun and shower safe.

How could doll creators not realize that mermaids are extremely popular? I can’t be the primary individual who thinks mermaid dolls should swim! Or on the other hand, at any rate, they ought to be intended to be in the water.

At the point when the sleep time shower abruptly quit engaging my baby matured girl, I searched for a toy that would make it progressively agreeable.

The issue was that squares and spurt toys didn’t tempt her, and she was too youthful even to consider understanding how to play with cleanser markers or froth letters. Since she adored mermaid dolls, I thought I’d check out a water-safe doll.

These are the six mermaid bath doll that I found. Every last one of them is intended to go in the water, and on the off chance that they take on water, they likewise channel suitably.

I think anybody about these flawless swimming mermaids toys would be entirely satisfactory for tub time. Yet, they each have various highlights, so make sure to check every one cautiously before choosing one for your daughter.

Best Mermaid Bath Doll For Your Kids | Our Top 6 Picks

Mermaid Bath Doll
Mermaid Bath DollDetails
Sparkle and Shine Magic Mermaid Doll Check Price
Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Water ToyCheck Price
Toy Smith Bath Time Mermaid Doll Check Price
Small Water babies Mermaid DollCheck Price
Disney Princess Splash Surprise Ariel Check Price
Nici Wonderland Minidebbie the Mermaid Bath Toy Check Price

Sparkle and Shine Magic Mermaid Doll

  • Best for 3 to 7 years

Is there a little Shimmery and Shiny fan in your home? One of these stunning swimming mermaid toys would make an extraordinary blessing.

Sparkle and Shine Magic Mermaid Doll

In light of a scene of the most loved Nick Jr appear, the Shimmer and Shine young ladies wish themselves into mermaids to play with their new mermaid companion.

Every one of these beautiful dolls has a lock of hair that changes shading with warm water and makes an incredible companion at shower time. They each accompany a brush and a water sifter toy. 


The Shimmery and Shiny Magical mermaid toy that swims are lovable. I like that the tail balances are texture and not hard plastic. They likewise twist at the midriff, which will help to imagine swimming.

I also love that Fisher-Price produces them since I see their toys as reliably high quality. 


Even though these swimming mermaid’s toys are fitting for the shower, the head will take on water and will require a significant time to deplete.

They are also a little on the small side, remaining around 2 inches shorter than your normal Barbie; however, that could be an advantage. Who needs large, cumbersome toys in the shower? 

  • Primary concern 

The Shimmer and Shiny Magical shimmer and shine bath toys are a heap of fun at shower time; however, make a point to dry them entirely between showers. 

Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Water Toy

  • Best for 3 Years and Up 

Look who is a mermaid! Furthermore, any mermaid, however, one that has an excellent light show coming right out of her tail. She’s safe for shower time.

Barbie Rainbow Lights mermaid water toy

Yet, she was likewise worked for it. At the point when set submerged, her translucent tail illuminates with a rainbow shimmer. She’s a dazzling looking doll.

Pink strands gently weave through her long, light hair. All apparel and frill, aside from her tail blade and crown, are shaped onto the doll. She verbalizes at the arms and neck and has a catch on her neckband that actuates her light show. 


At the point when it’s turned on, it detects when submerged and tail illuminates. It tends to be utilized for play outside of tub time too. Furthermore, that hair! I love the pink streaks, and it faces bathwater well overall.

Guardians and young ladies the same venerate Barbie Rainbow shimmer mermaid doll.


Although batteries are incorporated, should they run out, you should supplant them. They are generally simple to remove and not unpleasantly costly. 

  • Main concern 

Kids love this mermaid bath doll. She carries stacks of enjoyable to shower time.

All things considered, what preferred mix is there over transforming Barbie into a safe shower doll that swims in the water? I can’t believe one. 

Toy Smith Bath Time Mermaid Doll 

  • Best for 3 Years and Up 

The Bath time mermaid bath toys from Toy smith is adorable has heaps of hair, and at 8″ in stature, is the perfect size for shower play. Even though the age suggestion is for a long time and up, there are no little parts once the hair elastics and lace are expelled.

Toy Smith Bath Time Mermaid Doll

On the off chance that you need a mermaid shower doll for a bit of child, this one would likely be fine. She has additionally been utilized by guardians and parental figures as a training toy to enable minimal ones to get over their dread of hair washing and washing. 


Let’s face it – the most sweltering thing going at this doll is the cost. So, when the price is thought of, it isn’t awful in any way. Her hair is excellent and will confront continued dunking, and the tail and bodice paint won’t wear off. 

Guardians who are stressed over water and shape development might want this mermaid toy, as there are no openings, and the hollow body won’t take on water. Ensure the hair and outside dry completely between showers. 


Except if you go to the store and genuinely select one of these swimming mermaid toys, you likely won’t have the option to pick among pink and purple dolls. From what I’ve seen, every online retailer transports the two hues haphazardly. 

Try not to anticipate that this mermaid doll that swims by itself should be of high caliber, either. It’s modest, which has its advantages; however, don’t expect it to keep going long. 

  • Main concern 

This bath time mermaid doll would be incredible as a ‘because of’ blessing, or I need a doll for the shower that I can hurl if need be’ benefit.

Because of the quality, it likely isn’t best for a unique birthday or Christmas present for an extraordinary little somebody, however, it would be a fantastic decision for a young lady whose guardians wouldn’t fret the idea of an expendable doll. 

Small Water Babies Mermaid Doll

  • Best for 3 to 6 Years

At the point when they put the Wee in Wee Waterbabies, they truly would not joke about this mermaid dolls swimming.

Small Water babies Mermaid Doll

At just six creeps long, these lovable mermaids are a lot littler than the standard measured Waterbabies, yet are the same amount of fun!

Additionally, although the maker suggests these dolls for kids at any rate three years of age, I don’t know why it wouldn’t be a decent shower doll for more youthful young ladies, principally if they’re being regulated during tub time.

They are utilized for some swimming exercises to help minimal ones remain intrigued.


One of the numerous reasons this is an ideal stuffed mermaid dolls for the shower is that water is now a considerable segment of the toy.

She is prefilled with water and fixed during assembling, which implies the water inside won’t form or hole out. The water-related to the delicate body causes her to feel somewhat more like a genuine infant, who is ideal for supporting and imagine play.


Some may believe their size to be excessively little – they fit in the palm of my medium-sized grown-up hand – however, I imagine that it’s ideal for littler youngsters to fold their little hands over.

  • Primary concern

On the off chance that you can discover them, they are justified, despite all the trouble.

They’re not only a decent shower toy; they’re an extraordinary all-around play toy for more established babies and preschoolers. They’re soft and huggable – what more do you need?

Disney Princess Splash Surprise Ariel

  • Best for 3 Years and Up 

Sprinkle Surprise Ariel bathtub toy is an absolute necessity has for Little Mermaid fans. These big mermaid dolls are intended for use in water, and she does it with style.

Disney Princess Splash Surprise Ariel

The doll itself is an ordinary doll with legs yet. When shower time is done, she can wear her dress and stroll around with us sod huggers. There is likewise a method that young ladies can use to assist her with shedding her balances in water.

When Ariel’s tail is loaded up with water, lift her by the middle of the water, and her tail will tumble off. 


What a spectacular thought for those young fans that need to reproduce their preferred Disney Princess’ swimming mermaid doll pool toy story during tub time.

I like how she has an alternate outfit for wet and dry play. Sprinkle Surprise Ariel bathtub toy gets good grades for moving imaginative narrating and imagines play styles. 


After shower time, the doll and tail should be flushed off and saved separately for drying. I can envision this is to forestall shape and buildup development.

Another issue is that the rear can self-destruct effectively, which may baffle some more youthful youngsters who may not see how she’s intended to be taken care of. 

  • Main concern 

I would not accept this for a kid younger than four, although the age suggestion is for young ladies as youthful as three. Something else, Splash Surprise Ariel mermaid doll bath, will be a hit at shower time. 

Nici Wonderland Minidebbie the Mermaid Bath Toy

  • Best for 2 Years and Up 

Envision my unexpected when I found that luxurious baby dolls that can swim intended to go in the bath exists. I’ll be straightforward; I may have screeched the first occasion when I saw Minidebbie the toy smith bath time mermaid doll since she was that doll.

Nici Wonderland Minidebbie the Mermaid Bath Toy

From head to toe, she’s loaded with materials that are ok for use in water, regardless of whether that water is in the bath or the pool. 


Minidebbie fill was wiping like and intended to deplete water rapidly. For whatever length of time, she’s permitted to dry totally between showers, and this material has antimicrobial properties that prevent the development of microorganisms and shapes from ever beginning.

What’s more, she will dry swiftly as long as she is set in a region with a lot of air dissemination and not under a heap of other shower toys. 

In any case, because toys are frequently overlooked in the fallout of shower time, it is conceivable that this charming mermaid doll will be neglected, and she may begin to smell a bit.

If that is the situation, run her through a wash and dry cycle with your towels, and she’ll smell as pleasant as new! 


Even though her age suggestion is two and up, I wouldn’t go by and let a two-year-old have this shimmer and shine mermaid doll in the shower.

It’s not because I don’t believe she’s sheltered enough, but since little children will, in general, toss toys out of the tub. Have you at any point had a splashing wet towel hurled at you? 

  • Primary concern 

Minidebbie is at present my preferred shower safe extravagant mermaid doll. She gets significant focuses for charm and cuddliness, however much more to the point since she is fast drying and machine launderable. 

Cleaning and Care of Mermaid Bath Dolls

My greatest worry over any shower toy is tidiness. All shower toys, including mermaid dolls, should be given legitimate post-tub consideration.

They should be dried altogether among utilization, and it is acceptable practice to clean them usually.

Try not to store them in a can stacked on each other, as shape and buildup love to develop in places where there is little air development.

Is any doll 100% safe for the shower? Where shape is concerned, the short answer is no. Be that as it may, with appropriate consideration and standard cleaning, any of the little mermaid doll recorded here are as protected as some other shower toy.

Best Mermaid Bath Doll To Buy

Mermaid Bath Dolls and Child Development 

As indicated by specialists, doll play can be therapeutic. They permit youngsters to work through feelings of dread of regular exercises, such as having their hair washed.

Barbie and Mermaid at the water park - Doll videos.

Bringing a confided in toy companion into the shower and having the youngster take part in cleaning the doll’s hair can frequently reduce fears a bit, and once in a while, a tad of fortitude is sufficient for a young lady to confront that dread head-on. 

This type of imaginative play likewise stretches out into outright old shower time also. Disney princess bath toys around in a nonexistent submerged world, once in a while leaving their ocean home to experience ashore.

By all accounts, it seems like a customary shower time action, however underneath, the kid utilizes mermaid shower dolls to take part in an innovative and emotional play, which prods on social and language improvement. 

Shower toys, for example, baby alive swim for the shower, can likewise enable little kids to comprehend their physical world too. In particular, they figure out how toys buoy or sink, and they become acquainted with the properties of water and how they can control it.

They additionally discover that, if they existed in actuality, mermaids are swimmers. They observe how the doll’s hair streams submerged, and how her ground-breaking blades can push water and move her around. 

🌟 Mermaid Bath Doll FAQ

✅ Can Barbie dolls go in the water?

Yes, as they are made up of plastic with no fabric or electronic parts. You can also shake the doll because there be chances that her joints could retain a little water.

✅ How would I ensure shower dolls don’t get rotten? 

It’s ideal for washing each stuffed mermaid dolls off after each shower, and tries to deplete any pieces that hold water. Let dry totally before utilizing it once more. Clean routinely!

✅ Can I bubble or microwave dolls to keep them from free? 

To some stuffed mermaid dolls, yes, you can, and it’s even suggested. Be that as it may, microwaving or bubbling dolls may make a few materials dissolve. Do as such at your hazard.

Conclusion: Best Mermaid Bath Doll | Should you buy it?

There were a couple of various contemplations I remembered when I was searching for mermaid dolls appropriate for shower time.

I have a general arrangement of rules I stick to when I pick a plush mermaid doll to remember for one of my rundowns, similar to how engaging I figure it would be, however when you add to shower water, different concerns, for example, neatness and form go to the bleeding edge.

Any of the beautiful mermaids in this rundown would be appropriate for use at shower time.

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